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Adding Attributes

Author Message
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 01.07.2014
Posts: 1
hey i just testin the multishop for a big project and have som quick question.
i installed the 6.2.3 packet from here ... (perfekt... just great... big thanks to bvb... great work you do here)

1. can i add more attributes lik (option id:3 & 4 & 5 ...) i miss there the add an option buttun ?

2. when i use more webshops in one typo3 installation , can i make 1 shop with 2 difrent category tree (navigation) and almoste the same product. but only use to create one artikel witch showes in both categorie trees ?

3. are there any problems with multilanguage ? does somebody have a link to a page witch uses multilanguage ?

would be nice to here from somebody ... thanks
Written on: 01. 07. 2014 [09:12]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
1) you can add the values while you are editing the product. the values will be stored in database after you save the product.

Note: we agree that it's logical to also allow adding values inside the "admin products attributes" so that feature is added to the wishlist.

2) you can create two shops in 1 installation and play with the constant categories startingpoint. So you have a shop that contains the whole catalog and than the newly created shop starts from one of the main categories of the main shop. But this is a complex configuration that is not so easy to do through the forum.

3) no problems. Just add the language records in your TYPO3 backend and they will be shown while editing the catalog.
Written on: 03. 07. 2014 [08:16]