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Admin Products Edit Type

Author Message
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 10.07.2012
Posts: 26
Hello, me again..

i'm editing the admin products edit type file (copy of it) and in there i want to customize the attributes area. i want it not to be shown on the screen, in best case, the register card in the tab container wont even appear.

i already found the area where the content of attributes container is written in and commented it out (so the content now is empty), but i cant find the section where to outcomment the registercard attribute.

would be great if someone can help me!

thanks in advance,


btw: one small idea for improvement:

it took quiet a long time to find the file products edit, because indeed it is named edit_product
maybe just change the path-info in the system settings
Optional field (leave empty to use the default). Use this for customizing the admin products edit page. Example value: fileadmin/scripts/admin_products_edit)
to edit_products, so its uniform to the other path-infos.
Written on: 19. 07. 2012 [07:30]
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 10.07.2012
Posts: 26
already found it, but for those having the same "problem"

you find it in the products_edit file

// $tabs['product_attributes']=array($this->pi_getLL('admin_attributes'),$tmpcontent);

e.g. attributes.. thats for the registercard..
also you have to search for the table to hide the content
Written on: 23. 07. 2012 [05:23]