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B2B, hide prices, confirming registrations

Author Message
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 18.10.2011
Posts: 1
Hi, is B2B functionality in Multishop possible? So that shopvisitors can see prices only if they register before and get validated from the shopowner.
Written on: 18. 10. 2011 [22:17]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
You could add access restrictions to the Web shop page, so that only registered users can see the page.

But sometimes you still want to show the shop also to guests, but only restrict the add to cart button.

Although we are planning to add a setting for this (DISABLE_CART), you can do this already by using TypoScript.

First you need to copy the products_detail.php script to fileadmin, so you can modificate it easily outside the extension folder.

The file is located in: typo3conf/ext/multishop/scripts/front_pages/includes/products_detail/default.php

I also demonstrated this here:


Copy it two times:

one for the products detail page that contains a shopping cart button. Filename example: fileadmin/scripts/products_detail.php
one for the products detail page without a shopping cart button. Filename example: fileadmin/scripts/products_detail_without_cart.php

Next step is to add a condition that checks if the user is member of a usergroup (and is logged in). You can easily do this by TypoScript.

Let's say you have a customer usergroup that has ID 3.

In the constant field of the template you can define:
[usergroup = 3]
plugin.multishop.customSettings (
plugin.multishop.customSettings (

Now guest users will see the detail page without a add to cart button, while members will see the detail page including the add to cart button.

You can repeat these steps also for the products listing page. This way you could hide prices.

Every Multishop setting (which can be found in the SYSTEM / SETTINGS button of the admin panel) can be overwritten by TypoScript. You just need to know the key name. This can be seen when you edit a Multishop setting (I have attached a screen shot).

Let us know if it helped!

Written on: 18. 10. 2011 [23:21]