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Bug in Tiered Pricing?

Author Message
Henrie Schnee
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 14.05.2012
Posts: 5

I've encountered a slight problem when trying to set tiered pricing for one of our products. The idea is that we want to sell old issues from our magazine in a tiered price range, like

1 - 4 issues: 2 EUR
5 - 9 issues: 1,50 EUR
10 - 24 issues: 1,25 EUR

However, setting these values in the tiered pricing tab results in wrong end prices:

Say I test-order 5 issues, then Multishop will calculate the price at 9,50 - as in 2 EUR for the first four issues and THEN 1,50 for the fifth issue (Which one can't really translate in "Hey customer, if you order X issues, you pay Y EUR"icon_wink.gif

So I tried different values (1 - 4: 2 EUR; 1 - 9: 1,50 EUR), thinking that would do the trick, but nada...

If somebody knows a work-around this problem I'd really appreacite the help! Thank you!

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Written on: 14. 05. 2012 [15:44]
Wolfgang Maier
Multishop experienced
registered since: 12.04.2012
Posts: 16
I´ve implemented the staffel prices yesterday and it is calculating the correct price for me. As an example I´ve attached an image from my product-details.

Maybe to possible reasons that came in my mind:

1. Do you have used "." instead of "," in the adminpanel as decimal-point?
2. Maybe it is an error with VAT... do you used the same prices like in your example?

Written on: 14. 05. 2012 [19:44]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
In your case, if I buy 9 items the price should be 9 x 1,50 Euro am I right? If so then you want to use the staffel prices in stepless mode.

Just find the setting: STAFFEL_PRICE_MODULE and configure it as: yes_without_stepping.

Written on: 14. 05. 2012 [22:36]
Henrie Schnee
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 14.05.2012
Posts: 5
Thank you very much, base, that did the trick. Also thank you for this forum in general, it has been a great help thus far setting up our Multishop.

Maybe I can trouble you for one more question: Is it possible to have the product attributes in a permanently fixed order? In the article I discribed above, I tried to have one dummy-form for the hole back-catalogue of our magazine. So, if a customer wants 5 issues, he enters 5 and then selects them from checkboxes, the issue-numbers being assigned as choosable product attribtes (see screenshots).

However, no matter how often I bring them back into the right order, a few page hits later they're randomized again. How could I fix this?


Written on: 14. 05. 2012 [23:42]