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Confirmation Letter, invoice and general business termes

Author Message
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hi once again!

One general question on payment methods and order confirmations of multishop. Is the multshop extension handling payment methods and order confirmations only by the listed payment providers?

In the following the reasons for this question:

1. I have created three confirmation letters for three payment methodes: prepayment, payment on account and direct debit. Other payment methods should be handeled by the respective payment providers like PayPal.

By sending out the letters to the customer I am missing some nessessary features:
a) There is no personalisation, like, "Dear
Mr. Smith" for example, though the customers name and sex ist stored in database.

b) There is no order number, date and no product listing, price included, about what he has ordered etc.

c) Or, and there is no link on confirmation email where he can look upon the status of his/her order.

Are these features implemented in multishop? And if, how and where can one configure that. Also from the legal point of view this issue is important.

2. If I understood well, one of the features of multishop is the online invoicing. But where and how are these invoices created, send out to customer and stored on system?
The best would be the possibility, to send out the invoice automatically, as an attached PDF file, like I get regulary my invoices when webshopping. I believe today it is standart.

3. For legal reasons (May be only in Germany? I don´t know.)
it is nessesary that the customer accept the "General Business Terms and Conditions" of the webshop. Therefore it would be helpful to have a mandatory checkbox on order form, where the customer has to confirm, that he has read these terms and conditions.

In addition if the customer chose the payment method "direct debit" it needs additional mandatory fields where he has to put in his bank account data.
Is there the possibility to add additional fields like this on orderform template? If not how could this be implemented?

May be these questions weren´t nessessary if there would be a better documentation of the extension. But I think these issues and answers on these are very important. Not only for me.

Hope I get some anwers soon concerning these points and thank you in advance for your efforts.

Written on: 30. 08. 2011 [09:56]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
1A / 1B
Yes you can add special strings that will be replaced by dynamic values like customer number, order number etc. The following strings can be used:


Example usage:

Dear ###FULL_NAME###,

Your order number is: ###ORDER_NUMBER###

Order details:

Best wishes,


Is currently not possible, but can be created easily

Multishop contains an basic invoice module that creates HTML invoices. You have to enable the invoice module before you can actually use it. This can be done by entering the keyword "invoice" on the admin panels search box (in top right). Click on the Admin setting to enable it).

We have plans to optimize it so it generates clean PDF instead. It's on the wishlist.

Here in Holland it's the same. I have this request already on my list and will be implemented in our next update.

You can copy the default (multistep) check-out folder to your fileadmin so you can customize it to your needs. I explained how to copy the check-out to your fileadmin folder, so it's seperated from the Multishop source (and you won't downgrade it when updating Multishop).

watch YouTube movie

Best regards,

Bas van Beek
Written on: 30. 08. 2011 [17:56]