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dependencies / required other extension

Author Message
Michael Albers
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 26.07.2012
Posts: 10
Hi, i saw in ext_emconf.php only dependecies for php and typo3 versions are given. None for extensions like static_info_tables.

Is this on purpose? If so, i wonder why since i will get the message about the 2 static extensions when i load a multishop page without the statics installed.

And what actually are the dependencies? I find different suggestions on different sources (youtube, manual on this site, manual on typo3.org)

So far i come up with these: t3jquery, static_info_tables and static_taxes.

But on an image on the online manual on typo3.org i saw image carousel, image cycle and rzcolorbox selected for t3jquery configuration.

Could you please put up a list of dependecies and prefered extensions?
Written on: 30. 07. 2012 [21:13]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Dependancies are listed for a long time already:

'title' => 'Multishop',
'description' => 'TYPO3 Multishop is an E-Commerce plugin for the TYPO3 CMS which supports front-end editing and multiple web shops within the same pagetree.',
'category' => 'plugin',
'shy' => '',
'dependencies' => 'static_info_tables,static_info_tables_taxes,tt_address,t3jquery,rzcolorbox',

But I think you mean there is another key (depends) for this. I have updated the key by also providing it there:

'constraints' => array(
'depends' => array(
'php' => '5.3.0-0.0.0',
'typo3' => '4.5.7-0.0.0',
'static_info_tables' => '0.0.0',
'static_info_tables_taxes' => '0.0.0',
'tt_address' => '0.0.0',
't3jquery' => '0.0.0',
'rzcolorbox' => '0.0.0',
'conflicts' => array(
'suggests' => array(

Written on: 16. 08. 2012 [22:34]
Michael Albers
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 26.07.2012
Posts: 10
Hi Bas,

Thanks for you answer. You're right. Php and typo3 version are mentioned under the key depends. And only those two are mentioned here.

Unfortunately, the key dependencies is empty in my case.
The ext_emconf.php was auto generated on 01-08-2012 10:40

I wonder why, but your answer shows clearly what the dependecies are and what should be mentioned under depends.

Written on: 16. 08. 2012 [23:06]