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FE Control Panal: no products/categories

Author Message
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 27.07.2012
Posts: 1

i installed the mulishop ext (2.0.38 ) with t3jquery (2.3.4) and jQuery Colorbox (1.5.4) and done every point like in the Step by step video. Now i want to create products and categories, but after an appropriate menupoint-click on the control panel, only my page (with control panel) is reloaded in a new window. Customers and orders are correctly displayed.

Thanks for comment

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 27.07.2012 at 11:33.]
Written on: 27. 07. 2012 [11:33]
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hi elmodo,

I found out, that there are obviously some problems with the newest version of T3jquery.

I posted it, because with the newest version of T3jquery, also the special box is not shown, as before.

But nobody seems to care!! (Got no answers!)

I went back to T3jquery V 2.1.1 and everything, except an obviously bug with related products and invoice overview, what also nobody seems to care about, is working as expected!

In my case the shop is still based on Typo3 V 4.4.15. But have insalled the newest version of multishop like you V 2.0.38.

If you want, I could provide you with the elder version of T3jquery 2.1.1 , what´s no more available in TER, to try out, if this would solve your problem, if you could not solve it until yet yourselve!


Written on: 30. 07. 2012 [15:58]