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I cant add Products but no errors

Author Message
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 05.07.2012
Posts: 4
Hello all

At begin i am from germany, and my english is no good, but i try it.

I have install the shop on a root server with very good perfomance. icon_wink.gif

The Shop was running perfect, but today the admin say error 500

I have clear the complete shop, edit the pids make a master shop , make not, usw.. ALL is very good inkl. admin panel no i can create categorys usw.. but i try create a product the screen come on, i filled the form and save, then the screen black :done "No products"

Now for my understand.. i copy my typo const..
plugin.multishop.shop_pid = 15
plugin.multishop.shoppingcart_page_pid = 15
plugin.multishop.catalog_shop_pid = 15
plugin.multishop.search_page_pid = 15

Is this ok? I have a page width left right center content, and put the moduls in the content.. all is on page id 15 ?

The Shop was very ok, products etc all ok, but i have more cats createt, then come the 500 error and now i have trouble.. all very ok, but i cant create a produkt.. the screen is black..

Very Thanks for help, i have create jquery i have clear the complete database, compare the database, delete the shops create the shops but the products screen black..

I hope you understand me..

Very Thanks for Help..

LG Ronny

edit: I delete the complete shop and install new, make the starting point new.. but i cant create a product..banghead.gifbanghead.gifbanghead.gif
my problem the shop was running and this very good, and now i have no plan
memory limit is 160mb php i have no other scripts in the page.. and i think this is not a script problem .. problem width the db?

My last try i delete the complete shop from server inkl database and install new.. but banghead.gif please a simple good tip icon_wink.gif

Update 2 : No i the in firebug and in explorer.. the js say
window.onload = function(){
var text_input = document.getElementById ('products_name_0');
text_input.focus ();
text_input.select ();
(text_input is null
[Bei diesem Fehler anhalten]

text_input.focus ();
so the firebug thay i think no input .. but i have input..i fill the form complete! an in the old shop i fill only 2-3 fields and the product was ok..

I think i must delete the complete shop the worm is in the shopicon_evil.gif#

I work and work and work.. now i am crazy.. the shop work..
i have clear all, and clear the db and clear and clear.. and after this , the product work.. and now?
It is nice that it work now, but I want to know why?

[This article was edited 4 times, at last 05.07.2012 at 19:56.]
Written on: 05. 07. 2012 [19:01]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Too complex to give a proper answer. You can contact us on Skype for a chat session. The Skype username is typo3multishop.
Written on: 07. 07. 2012 [15:51]