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INCLUDE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION... setting not working?

Author Message
Peter Guan Ming
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 10.05.2012
Posts: 30
Hi, Base and other friends

I would like products description appear on the <products list> view, however, when I enable "INCLUDE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION_DB_FIELD_IN_PRODUCTS_LISTING" in Setting, it doesn't seem to work.

These are what I have tried

1. If "Products Listing Type" is in grid

---> NO short and full product description, regardless of "INCLUDE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION_DB_FIELD_IN_PRODUCTS_LISTING" is 0 or 1

2. If "Products Listing Type" is in grid_with_detail_button or grid_with_detail_cart_button

---> Only SHORT description appears, regardless of "INCLUDE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION_DB_FIELD_IN_PRODUCTS_LISTING" is 0 or 1

So in other words, There is only Short Description which is determined by "Products Listing Type", and "Include products description database field" is not working at all

Thank for help and clarification...icon_confused.gif
Written on: 13. 05. 2012 [05:33]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Yes that's true, cause the short description is varchar and the complete description field is TEXT. Text is written to disk, so slower than varchar.

If you really need the full description on your list then enable the flat module, that one gives you all products columns on the listing.
Written on: 13. 05. 2012 [18:05]
Peter Guan Ming
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 10.05.2012
Posts: 30
Hi, Bas

Thanks for your explanation ....icon_confused.gif

I had tried the flat module later afternoon, but didn't know that I need to set the Flat DB attributes as well, so it didn't work. (nothing on list page)

But I changed sth in "grid_with_detail_cart_button.php" (sorry to hack your file again) icon_redface.gif, in line 43, change:

"<div class="description">'.$product['products_short_description'].'</div>"


"<div class="description">'.substr($product['products_description'], 0, 200).'</div>"

So the full products description appear on list page, and using substr() to crop the description length upto 200 characters.

So far it works...icon_biggrin.gif

Written on: 13. 05. 2012 [18:37]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Flat Database Attributes is really optional. Leave it empty if you don't need it, otherwise it could be that your flat database table doesn't get filled with data.

I use this module for products that have single attribute values that I need within the products listing. Example listing for this can be seen here, where we use single attribute values for displaying the right icons:


To get back on topic it's no problem that you have this file that way. As long as you save the file in fileadmin/yourfolder/custom_products_listing.php and update the setting PRODUCTS_LISTING_TYPE to: fileadmin/yourfolder/custom_products_listing than your save from updates.

I still don't get why you not use the shortdescription. Is the shortdescription field to short? In our next release we will change the field from varchar(255) to tinytext. You can do this manually already by changing the column type with phpmyadmin or other DB plugins.

Your substr command could break HTML tags (shortdescription is plain text, but normal products_description field that you use now has HTML content).

Written on: 14. 05. 2012 [16:02]