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It is possible to restrict Admin Users for just personal Products ?

Author Message
Gunnar Gottschalk
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 30.07.2014
Posts: 8
first of all we are very impressed from this great webshop u created !
Very powerful and modern System ,big thanks for that ,and if we will generate Money with our Project by using ure Shop we sure will support.

I have a Question about editing the Admin User Acc. ,for our Project we need a Seller Group ,for just editing loggedin Sellers Products, do you think this is possible by configurate the Admin Users Group?

best regards
Gunnar G.

P.S. I mean a kind of Multi Vendor System

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Written on: 30. 07. 2014 [22:00]
Gunnar Gottschalk
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 30.07.2014
Posts: 8
I see there is a Vrndor_code in the table tx_multishop_products ,
so i think it would be possible to create a Multi Vendor Shop with Multishop v.3

I will try out to modify the Admin User Group for restrict them only to have access to personel Products in the Shop.

I report if sucess. icon_smile.gif

perhaps someone have experience with that.

best regards

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Written on: 18. 08. 2014 [15:57]
Stefan Kaufmann
Multishop newbie
registered since: 09.01.2014
Posts: 4

Have you been successful in achieving this? I would be interested how you did it. According the documentation it should be possible, but does it need a lot of additional coding?
Any hint much appreciated.

Thank you for this gerat shop!
Written on: 26. 10. 2014 [19:24]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Possible, but you need to create your own Plugin and use the Multishop hooks.

In our next release full multiple shops is possible. You could than create some reseller shops (private shops) that fe_users can manage. Then you create the main shop that has it's own categories and connect the categories of the private shop with the main shop.

The code is already pushed to GIT, but we haven't released it yet.

Written on: 30. 10. 2014 [00:37]