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Link to the basket

Author Message
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 29.01.2013
Posts: 4

At first: This is the one and only E-commerce Extension for Typo3... All the rest is just crap!

But my Question: I have integrated Multishop on a mobile Website. The "normal" Website is a Flash-Site (The client wanted to have that... Me not icon_wink.gif
In the Shop they sell just one Product (maybe later two....). So I have made a "Put into the Basket" Button on the Flash website and an input-field to set the amount.
And when the user clicks on the Button, a window opens with the Typo3 Site. I want to go directly to the Basket and there the Item should show up. But this is not working. I looked at the "grid_with_detail_cart_button.php" which data will be sent to the basket and used this link also on the Flash Site.

It looks like this: mobil/index.php?id=5&tx_multishop_pi1[cart_item]=&tx_multishop_pi1[page_section]=shopping_cart&products_id=2&quantity=5

But I get the Message, that the basket is empty, when the Site opens.

What is missing? Can you please help me! Its very important that this is working!

Written on: 30. 01. 2013 [22:53]
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 29.01.2013
Posts: 4
No Solution for that??? Couldn't be that difficult...
Written on: 04. 02. 2013 [16:16]