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Help by translating Multishop in your local language

On the following page you can help by translating Multishop in your local language:




The following language are already translated by our supporters:

  • Dutch
  • German
  • French

local language

Author Message
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hello Forum,

have to make some changes to local language because some language files are still in english language like checkout address step1 etc.

Was looking at all existing locallang.xml files of multishop but did not find the right one to make the nessessary chages. Where/how can I do this?
Written on: 04. 09. 2011 [07:45]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
It's true we still have to move many strings to the locallang.xml file to make it multilanguage. It's on my list and will be done soon.

The file you are seeking is:


Written on: 04. 09. 2011 [10:34]
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hello forum,

for those who are missing some german translations in
locallang.xml file and as a small thank you for Bas´ patient and efforts on my issues, I´d like to provide some translations for simply putting in on template setup. changes
can be made on you own requirements.

simply copy and paste the following to your template setup

plugin.tx_multishop_pi1._LOCAL_LANG.de {

city = Ort
mr = Herr
mrs = Frau
company = Firma
country = Land
choose_country = Land wählen
confirm_order = Bestellung abschicken
step = Schritt
checkout_review = Überprüfen Sie Ihre Bestellung
title = Anrede
billing_address = Rechnungsadresse
delivery_address = Lieferadresse
checkout_address = Adressdaten einfügen
checkout_shipping_payment_method = Versand- und Zahlungsart wählen
your_order_has_been_received = Wir haben Ihre Bestellung erhalten und bedanken uns für Ihren Auftrag. An Ihre Email-Adresse wurde eine Email mit allen Bestelldaten versandt. Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

checkout_finished = Bestellung abschicken
review_your_order = Überprüfen Sie Ihre Bestellung
first = zur ersten Seite
next = nächste Seite
previous = vorherige Seite
last = zur letzten Seite
you_havent_accepted_the_general_conditions = Sie haben unsere Shop AGB icht akzeptiert. Bitte bestätigen Sie, dass Sie die AGB gelesen haben und akzeptiern!
click_here_if_you_agree_the_general_conditions = Ich habe die AGB gelesen und akzeptiere sie.
price_including_vat = Preis inkl. Mwst.

Written on: 05. 09. 2011 [13:17]