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Major Problem with Images

Author Message
Dominik Tome
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 06.12.2012
Posts: 10
Hey there ... i have a big Problem with that Image Resizing.

Have a Shop, with about 180 Products (and growing) and nearly all images wich are added, get an half-transparent overlay on a Part of the Image.


This is an Example.
The Problem is, it's only on pictures in the "normal"-folder, and i don't find any way to get it working correctly.
Tryed some things with the water-mark options, tryed with other Image-Dimensions (wich ended up with a full gray overlay) and other Things.

Any Ideas, what xould be wrong?

Written on: 06. 12. 2012 [10:22]
Dominik Tome
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 06.12.2012
Posts: 10
Ok, Update: Found the Problem. That Overlay comes, as long something's in the Field "Text for Watermark". I erased all the Text in this Field, and did another resize, and the Images were ok ... but not all: only the first 5 Pic's are ok ... i added 4 more images, so in the Shhop can be displayed up to 9 images.

the Reason for this should be the function "image_resize" in the backend-admin-module, where there's a code-line " for($i=0;$<5;$i++) " in the resize-fuction.

Unfortunately a change in this line doesn't take any effect.
Anyone who can help?
Written on: 06. 12. 2012 [15:46]