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Missing features?

Author Message
John Miller
Multishop newbie
registered since: 12.06.2012
Posts: 2

Many thanks for this incredible product multishop.

I would like to do the following:

On Specials:

1. Show savings. Savings are the percentages buyers save on buying a special priced product e.g. 61% Off. Savings are much more attracting since buyers have no time to do the math.

2. Show Number of days to expiration left e.g 6 days left, since many special priced products last only for a specified duration. This is also an attracting feature.

3. Show Number of items bought and number of items left. e.g. 107 left, 300 purchased. This makes people hurry to buy.

4. have wrap icon/notification such as "last minute" on special listed item that has short life span of a day or two and a "ending soon" wrap for normal special item with only a day left.

On overall products:

1. A wrap showing "popular" on item most viewed and a wrap for "new" showing new item even without using the list latest items.

2. Have a "featured product" category

On products details page:

1. have social share links for each item and a corresponding "most shared" wrap on items most shared.

2. have information in tabbed format. e.g. one tab for "description", another for "maps" another for "details/terms and conditions", another for "additional info" for attachments etc.

3. optionally Substitute description with an internal record or existing page.

On expired products:

1. Show the product with a wrap like "out of stock" for a period of a day before deactivating in order to not disappoint return customers who might ask questions like what happened to the product.

Is it possible to do any or all of these? If so I would really appreacite or how to go about them.



[This article was edited 4 times, at last 13.06.2012 at 07:39.]
Written on: 12. 06. 2012 [22:14]