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MultiSafepay send wrong values to the payment provider

Author Message
Eduard Müller
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 16.01.2016
Posts: 5

using MultiSafepay i do have a problem: The typo3 extension sends wrong values for the parameters "country" and "locale".

The multisafepay.com Technical Support wrotes:

Are you using the JSON API or XML?
Upon creating a transaction you send us the proper data needed to initialize a transaction.
With this data, wheter it is JSON or XML, you must provide the customers country and locale code.
For example: the "country" is used to show the proper bankaccount, addresses or phonenumbers. And the "locale" determines the spoken language.

All I can see is that your system provides the country and locale the incorrect way, for country you use "germany" and for locale it was "de".

For JSON this should be:

For XML this should be:

But where can i configure that (and how can i debug that)?

Used software:
- TYPO3 6.2.15
- Multishop multishop 3.1.1 (BVB Media BV)
- Multishop MultiSafepay multishop_multisafepay 1.0.5 (BVB Media BV)
Date last tested: 2014-06-25. Multishop version: 3.0.4.

Kind regards,
E. Müller
Written on: 25. 03. 2016 [10:07]
Eduard Müller
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 16.01.2016
Posts: 5
I found the wrong part in the Typo3-Extension "Multishop MultiSafepay".The hints from the multisafepay.com Technical Support led me:[quote]All I can see is that your system provides the country andlocale the incorrect way, for country you use "germany" and forlocale it was "de".[/quote]In the shop formular, you can choose your country and there you can find [quote][/quote], which is seemingly send to the payment provider.But unfortunately the payment provider expect "DE" and not "germany".The relevant PHP code i found in the file typo3conf\ext\multishop_multisafepay\class.multishop_payment_method.php[quote]...$msp->customer["locale"]="nl";$msp->customer["country"]=trim($order["billing_country"]);...[/quote]I changed that to[quote]$msp->customer["locale"]="de_DE";$msp->customer["country"]="DE";[/quote]=> And now, the payment provider shows me a german bank account (not the netherland bank account).More information you can find at https://github.com/MultiSafepay/PHP/blob/master/controllers/klarnaController.php and https://www.multisafepay.com/documentation/doc/API-Reference/

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Written on: 04. 04. 2016 [09:58]