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Multishop V5.0.0 send E-Mails

Author Message
Tobias B
Multishop newbie
registered since: 16.11.2017
Posts: 1

i would test this extension to sell virtual goods.

I have install the multishop V5.0.0 with typo3 V7.6.23 with this Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17vxs1WNGf4

because the shop should be only a additional to the mainsite I have add a site names "shop" and on this site I configured a extention-template with the includes multishop root page setup, multishop core page setup and static info tables.

all other steps was the same steps as the instructions.

the constants are
plugin.multishop.exampleCSS = 1
plugin.multishop.fe_admin_usergroup = 2
plugin.multishop.fe_rootadmin_usergroup = 3
plugin.multishop.shop_pid = 14
plugin.multishop.fe_customer_pid = 11
plugin.multishop.fe_customer_usergroup = 1
plugin.multishop.tt_address_record_id_store = 2
plugin.multishop.logout_pid = 8
plugin.multishop.login_pid = 8
plugin.multishop.create_account_pid = 7
plugin.multishop.edit_account_pid = 13
plugin.multishop.cacheConfiguration = 1
plugin.multishop.fe_catalogadmin_usergroup = 2
plugin.multishop.fe_ordersadmin_usergroup = 2
plugin.multishop.fe_customersadmin_usergroup = 2
plugin.multishop.fe_statisticsadmin_usergroup = 2
plugin.multishop.fe_cmsadmin_usergroup = 2
plugin.multishop.fe_storesadmin_usergroup = 0
plugin.multishop.fe_searchadmin_usergroup = 0
plugin.multishop.fe_systemadmin_usergroup = 0
plugin.multishop.masterShop = 1

Then I have add a PDF and everything seems to be working.
But after the order process I dont get an e-mail.

can anybody tell me what is wrong?

Best regards
Written on: 16. 11. 2017 [10:02]