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Multishop with Typo3 6.2.9 Bootstrap Default Package dont work

Author Message
Markus Koch
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 01.06.2015
Posts: 1
Hi there, I am not able to start working Multishop with Typo3 6.2.9 Introduction Package. After installing Multishop and ist dependency Extensions I don't get the Multishop fron admin panel. IE, Chrome and Firefox always Show the same error: "Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).colorbox is not a function" at line<script type="text/javascript">jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(".rzcolorbox" ).colorbox({current:"Image{current}of{total}",opacity:"0.85",transition:"fade",speed:350,slideshowSpeed:2500,rel:"rzcolorbox",previous:"previous",next:"next",close:"close"});});</script> <script type="text/javascript" src="typo3conf/ext/multishop/js/js-webshim/extras/modernizr-custom.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="typo3conf/ext/multishop/js/js-webshim/polyfiller.js "></script>

I don't know what i can try to get it working. Somebody can help me?

I use:
T3jQuery 2.7.1
Multishop 3.0.4
jQuery 2 Colorbox 1.0.1
PHPExcel Library and Service 1.8.1

jQuery Configuration:
Version 2.0.x
UI Version 1.10.x
Tools Version 1.2.x
Bootstrap Version 3.0.x
Written on: 01. 06. 2015 [14:23]
Christoph Rota
Multishop experienced
registered since: 14.12.2014
Posts: 5
Do you have a solution on this topic right now?banghead.gif
Written on: 01. 08. 2015 [06:06]
bernd pier
Multishop experienced
registered since: 16.01.2014
Posts: 18

i had this Error too. Checking the Sourcecode if only 1 jquery Library is loaded and that it is loaded before the other Javascripts helps me. In my case i had another older jquery Library from an Extension, so i deletet this in Typoscript and everything works fine.

Hope that helps

Written on: 07. 08. 2015 [08:01]