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Multistore management from a central dashboard

Author Message
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 19.04.2012
Posts: 2
Hi, thanks for the hard work and making this great software avalialble.

My question: Is it possible to administer a group of stores from central dashboard? If so, how? Can you point me to any documentation on it?

Our goal is to setup a group of stores and administer the stores structures, look and feel, etc from a central place.

Each subsore would have unique content.

And: bonus question icon_smile.gif Will all the ubstores use the main backend payment processing system?

Many thanks, Jason

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Written on: 19. 04. 2012 [15:10]
Multishop experienced
registered since: 13.12.2011
Posts: 13
Hello Jason,

Thank you for your forum post.
Within TYPO3 Multishop it is possible to maintain a group of stores from one central dashboard. The principle for this is 1 master (core) shop and a (or several) slaveshop(s). Once you login in to the master webshop, you have the option to:

01. Maintain the shops from the master shop;
02. Go to a subshop and maintain the content there.

In the TYPO3 system (back-end) select the page of the slave shop and edit the template. In the constant field of the template, add the following lines:

(where 206 is in this case the pid of the master shop)

(where 999 is in this case the pid of the slave shop)

See the screenshots for a small impression.

I hope this will help you out.
Written on: 20. 04. 2012 [11:55]