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paypal payment status does not change to paid in multishop (but IPN is ok)

Author Message
Cornelius Veith
Multishop newbie
registered since: 17.01.2012
Posts: 2
Hi Base,

need your help with paypal payment.

paypal respones with IPN error 200 (server successfully received the IPN message) but multishop does not change the status of the order to "paid" (german: bezahlt).

Settings: Paypal (Multishop 2.0.12):

Code: Händlerkonto-ID von Paypal
Bearbeitungsgebühr: 0
Paypal E-Mail-Adresse: *********@***.at
Test: false
Autosubmit: true
Open in new Window: false

confirmation: URL at PayPal saved as recommended for multishop:


BSB: aktiviert (activated)


Everything seems to be ok. Paypal sends payment data and IPN code 200 (payment receive).

Zustellstatus: gesendet (payment status = sent)

BUT: multishop does not change status to paid "bezahlt"

The problem seems to be at the verification:

If we comment this line (verification) status cheange works:

multishop/scripts/ajax_pages/core.php (row 287)

if (strcmp ($res, "VERIFIED"icon_wink.gif == 0)


Also not working:

We further defined under multishop CMS a page for "Type: psp_accepturl"

but PayPal does not send us to this URL.

But: After payment customer reurnns to the category index page.

What is wrong with this?

Thanks for your help

Written on: 18. 01. 2012 [15:25]