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Problems with V 2.0.38

Author Message
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hi forum,

have tried to upgrade several times to version 2.0.38 as recommended for security reasons, but went back to version 2.0.31 what seems to me more stable.


- After installing 2.0.38 all later orders than the end of february have been delated.
This also remained, as I went back to 2.0.31. I want my orders back!
- If I try to open the "Invoice Overview Panel" on Admin Area I get a blank white
screen. Though this issue has mentioned several times by others, it is not solved
until yet. (It is also not solved on 2.0.31.

- There are made some changes in scripts, not ducumented, what causes, that in some parts my cusomised CSS is not working as before. Instead of saving time, while updating/upgrading, it causes much additional work, to find out what has changed and if beeing lucky to find out and solve it.

- Example: The checkout_address.php. Here one have to change the layout part of the script, making the CSS working as before.

Next example: The create_account.php There also have been some changes what destroys the customised CSS for this part.

At least one importand point, concerning the layout of "order_details_table", what shows, the orders, for a logged in customer, he already has made in the past, for contoling or possibly reordering:

This script is placed at pi1/class.mslib_fe.php. On version 2.0.31 I could customise the layout of this part directly in class.mslib_fe.php. (Not state of the art, bot found no other possibillity).
With version 2.0.38 this is not possible anymore. If I do, I get no admin panel anymore. This is very anoying because this part of the script must be customisable, because it looks very ugly. Even if I delete my changes, the admin panel remains vanished.

Even delating the damed unwrap on products_name is not possible, without having no admin panel anymore.

Would be nice to have the possibility to customise this layout by CSS, without going
to class.mslib directly. But even changing the colum width is not possible, because ther are no casses in the <th> tags to call them.


Has someone similiar problems? Has someone a solution for these issues?

Otherwise for me it makes no sens upgrading to V 2.0.38 . To much trouble and to much work, what one has to do again and again.

Written on: 16. 07. 2012 [12:24]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
We are focusing us completely on the V3 and we will not release any new updates for the V2.

I will stitch this thread onto our V3 list and process your input, thanks!
Written on: 16. 07. 2012 [22:19]
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Thanks Bas for your quick answer!

I am very exited about the new features and modules announced on the roadmap for V 3. Is there an approximately date or timetable, one can expect the release of V3 ?
Would be good to know, while acquiring new projects, where these features are needed.

What is the meaning of the crossed out features and modules on roadmap? Allready implemented or canceled? icon_rolleyes.gif

At least one special wish for V 3:
A better implementation of the PayPal payment method, where the whole basket content is shown on PayPal checkout page. Not only the summarised order ammount. It´s importand especially for German users, because most of the various offered payment methods, on multishop, are dedicated for the Netherlands, I believe, and unknown in Germany. On my installations of multishop nearly every order has been payed via PayPal.


Written on: 17. 07. 2012 [06:30]