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Products disappeared after updating static taxes

Author Message
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 13.11.2013
Posts: 3
The vat rates were not up to date and I updated the static taxes. Saddly now my shop lost all its products. Categories are there still.

Note! I didn't update the multishop extension, only the taxes, because the information wasn't accurate concerning Finland's VAT (it is 24 %, not 22 %). Shouldn't have done that I can see now. Maybe there is somewhere a mention about this, but well..

Now I do see the products in the BE module product total count, but I don't know how to get them back to the shop in frontend. I also can browse through them with phpmyadmin. Somehow they just don't show up in frontend - not in frontend catalogue admin or in the web pages.

Any idea what could be missing/wrong in the database?
Written on: 13. 11. 2013 [12:33]
Multishop newbie
Topic creator
registered since: 13.11.2013
Posts: 3
Got it, pheww... I had to downgrade the static taxes extension, everything works ok again. icon_smile.gif
Written on: 13. 11. 2013 [12:43]
Brian Hauge Hansen
Multishop newbie
registered since: 27.02.2014
Posts: 1
Is this also a problem with version 3.0 ?

Can we can have this problem prioritized, as I find it a major bug that the shop does not work with the version of static_taxes that comes from TER. It might have some users doing a POC not finding the shop working and abandoning it before really starting to use it

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 27.02.2014 at 22:16.]

Written on: 27. 02. 2014 [22:13]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
V3 is launched to TER.

The following dependances are counting:

'php' => '5.3.15-5.5.99',
'typo3' => '4.5.33-6.2.99',
'tt_address' => '2.3.4-2.3.99',
'static_info_tables' => '0.0.0',
't3jquery' => '2.7.1-3.9.99',
'rzcolorbox_jquery2' => '1.0.0-1.9.99',
'phpexcel_service' => '1.7.6-1.7.99',
Written on: 23. 06. 2014 [19:38]