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Registration and Edit-Redirects

Author Message
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 17.01.2012
Posts: 6
Hello icon_wink.gif

when user are registered and are clicking the registration-link from the email, they are redirected to the shop-homepage. How can i edit the Redirection-link?
I want a page which says that the account was succesfully created and so on.
The same is for the edit_account-page. After submission, there comes an emtpy page.
Is it there also possible to redirect or edit the message which is shown after completing the form?

thanks again for this great product! icon_wink.gif
Written on: 23. 10. 2012 [09:18]
Multishop professional
registered since: 10.07.2012
Posts: 26
Hi Chriz,

if you want to edit the link itself, you dont have to edit the upcoming message at all.

just create a new page in the backend, it has an id then e.g. ...index.php?id=22
there you can create a "completed registration" page yourself.

after that you have to search for the php files dealing with the cms. (i didnt already look for them, but i will for further answering)
somewhere in the "cms.php" files, should be the information about the content of the confirmation of registration (Create account confirmation link:###CONFIRMATION_LINK###). there is said how the confirmation link is build.

but be careful, the confirmation link enables the person to use his own account, so it activates it. changing it will also change the behaviour and maybe the account doesnt get activated.

to be sure, try to make an automatically redirect.
this should work, so the confirmationlink gets clicked, activates the acc, stops to load and opens your confirmation page.

hope thats helpful

so long...
Written on: 24. 10. 2012 [06:32]