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special frontend admins (rights) for the frontend-admin-panel

Author Message
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 16.05.2012
Posts: 33

Is it possible to give a user only some of the rights of an frontend-admin?

E.g. to give him only the possibility to see the katalog-tab for creating new products in the frontend but not showing him the SYSTEM-tab?
Written on: 24. 05. 2012 [07:50]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Absolutely. You have to configure the following TypoScript constants for this:

Disable these checkboxes, so normal admin users wont see them:
- enableAdminPanelSettings
- enableAdminPanelSystem
- enableAdminPanelSortCatalog
- enableAdminPanelRebuildFlatDatabase

Now create the following usergroups:
- Admin user (your normal admins, like your merchant)
- Root admin (you, the developer)

- Catalog admin users
- Orders admin users
- CMS admin users
- Customers admin users
- Stores admin users
- Search admin users
- System admin users

Now configure the unique ids of those usergroups by the constants editor. You need to define the following fields:

- fe_catalogadmin_usergroup
- fe_ordersadmin_usergroup
- fe_cmsadmin_usergroup
- fe_customersadmin_usergroup
- fe_storesadmin_usergroup
- fe_searchadmin_usergroup
- fe_systemadmin_usergroup

So now if a user is member of only "Root admin", than he sees all features instantly.

If you create a user which is only member of the "Admin users" he will see allmost nothing. You can add them to the usergroups that you like so they get more functionality.
Written on: 24. 05. 2012 [07:58]
Peter Guan Ming
Multishop professional
registered since: 10.05.2012
Posts: 30
Thanks BASE

looks very useful to lots of people

Written on: 27. 05. 2012 [14:18]