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Special scenario for the Multishop users

Author Message
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 08.06.2013
Posts: 9
Dear Multishop team,

thanks for this great extension. I have installed the vers. 2.0.39 on a TYPO3 instance 4.6.4 and it works fine.

I would like to use Multishop in a following scenario:

- I have a call-center, where the employees are logged into the Multishop as a usual FE-user employee_1 ... employee_N (they are existing now in the backend).
- Our "main customers = dealers" will contact us via phone (not over the webpage) and the call center employees should make the orders byself in the name of the calling dealer (special service for the dealer icon_wink.gif!
- Scenario:
--> employee_1 will handle the dealer_001 to dealer_100
--> employee_2 will handle the dealer_101 to dealer_200
--> employee_N will handle the dealer_NNN to dealer_N+1

- That means that the call center employee should have a possiblity to "select" his dealer_XYZ (for example by the dealer_no or dealer_name) and all the other information (dealer_address, dealer_phone, dealer_email etc.) should filled out automaticly in the billing form fields!
- Of course in that case first of all I have to create all the possible dealers in the TYPO3 or Multishop backend.
- But exactly here is my question: How can I create the employees / dealers in this situation so that they have the relation above?

Thanks for your hints.


Written on: 10. 06. 2013 [15:56]
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 08.06.2013
Posts: 9
Dear Forum,

no solution needed, because the workflow has changed!

Written on: 14. 06. 2013 [09:48]