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still existing problems with PayPal

Author Message
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hi Bas,

on former posts I described the problems with transferring the multishop basket content correctly to PayPal.

But did not get an anwer until yet. Obviously no other user has these problems.
I have attached a screenshot to show more clearly what I mean. It´s very importand to me to get this PayPal stuff running.

Hint: Using the latest version of multishop V. 2.0.21

Have all steps on Paypal account fullfilled as described in payment methods.

Could it be that these problems occure, because of this is a German PayPal account.

Need an answer urgently because the shop is already online.

Thanks in advance


Written on: 16. 02. 2012 [10:46]
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hi it´s me again.

Because a sufficient PayPal integration is very important to me and my customers. Today I had a phone call with PayPal directly about the described issue.

They told me, what I have suggested, before: For transferring correct basket data to PayPal it´s required to have a PayPal API Signiture what have to be integratet in the shop together with the Shop email address.

I have all the required data from PayPal to fullfill these requirements. But dont know where to put in these data in Typo3 multishop???!!

For tt_products I used the Ext: Transactor Paypal Gateway to fill in the provided data and to configure, what basket data should be transferred to PayPal. It´s working seamlessly.

Until yet, have been convinced that multishop is the best shop solution for Typo3 ever and providing the best support also. Therefore I am disappointed to get no answer on this serious item since weeks.

Nevertheless, once again, I hope there will be an answer or solution soon telling me how to proceed.

Written on: 17. 02. 2012 [09:23]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
I'm sorry, but this is currently not on our priority list. We currently use PayPal without problems, but without sending the cart details.

If you urgently need this you can however always order it by form of a paid job. You can reach us by:

BVB Media
+31 418 82 02 11 (option 1).

Thanks for your understanding.
Written on: 04. 03. 2012 [17:51]
Helge Farr
Multishop expert
Topic creator
registered since: 25.08.2011
Posts: 69
Hi Bas,

thanks for answer on this item. At this moment this issue is not so importand anymore.
In between I told my customer, that the buyer would get all the detailed informations he´s missing on paypal shoopping cart, by confirmation email and invoice. Has been a little sales trickicon_wink.gif, because it lasts a little bit to long to bring in an additional payed job in my calculation for the customer.

Nevertheless, I think this issue will pop up again, on one of my next projects with multishop. In Germany we have a new law for webshops since two weeks, that these requrements has to be fulfilled in future. They are fulfilled by multishop shopping cart and confirmation mail. But there is a break on paypal payment method with the shortened paypal shopping cart, what could irritate buyers and prevent them from buying. It´s a highly sensible point on every sales cycle especially on web sales.

What would be the coasts for a payed job on this case? If it´s not planned to implement this in one of the next versions? If this is not an item, to discuss public,
you can send me an email.

Thanks in advance

Written on: 05. 03. 2012 [09:46]
Henrie Schnee
Multishop experienced
registered since: 14.05.2012
Posts: 5
I'd like to borrow this thread for some PayPal-troubles of my own... which all basically boil down to the checkout-page - where Multishop will only display the line "Your Order has been received" without ever acutally opening Paypal.

There are other symptoms to this:
1.) When I activate PayPal as a payment method, the CMS-page updates with new categories like "create checkout-page ()", where I guess "()" should read "(PayPal)". I went on to make these pages anyway, figuring it would work.
2.) Although the order will be saved in Multishop, neither the designated shopadmin nor the customer will ever get the custom "your order has been received ()" mail... or any mail, for that matter.

I followed the steps described in the paypal-method, and I changed my PayPal-account options to "Starter" (as I gathered from other posts in this forum).

Any help on the matter would be HIGHLY appreciated!
Written on: 09. 07. 2012 [16:27]