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Stock amount per attribute, possible?

Author Message
Uli von Homeyer
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 03.07.2012
Posts: 8
Hi all, is there any possibility to add a stock amount per attribute? For example, looking at the demo shop and the product (Reverend Neverend Shirt (Girlie) - T-shirt) it would be very handy if the amount of T-shirts per size could be set and tracked for themselves.
Looking in the Shop-Admin area, this can only be done on the product level, not for an included attribute, right? Which would mean to have this functionality, each size would have to be a product!?! Are there any plans on this feature? I looked at the Roadmap page but could not find anything similar. Thank you!
Bas, I found, I should have before I wrote thisbanghead.gif, your comment, that attributes are to limited... my bad!

Are there any thoughts on introducing stock amounts per attribute?

Most of all, thank you very much for creating this extension and sharing it. Very nice.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 24.10.2014 at 06:37.]
Written on: 12. 10. 2014 [10:11]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Yes we have made a optional plugin for this (products variants). So you can make combination of attributes and put a stocklevel on it. The variation will have its own products_id so it can have custom image etc.

Next week I will update this post so you know how to get it.

Written on: 26. 10. 2014 [12:41]