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Subcategories and Products list displayed on the same page

Author Message
Peter Guan Ming
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 10.05.2012
Posts: 30
Hi, everyone

I am looking for a solution to display subcategories and products list on the same page. For example, I have following category structure


How can I configure the Multishop so that if I click <Cat-2>, the page is able to display both Subcat-1, Subcat-2, Subcat-3, together with Product-1, Product-2 which are all under Cat-2

The current Multishop is only able to dispaly Subcat-1, Subcat-2, Subcat-3, and ignore the Product-1 & Product-2.

My Environment

PHP 5.2.17
MySQL 5.0.x
Typo3 4.5
Multishop 2.0.31

Thanks in advance icon_smile.gif

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Written on: 27. 08. 2013 [01:42]
Multishop professional
registered since: 16.08.2013
Posts: 38

I have same "problem", but after many tests, i think this is the normal behavior.

I think you must create a "master shop page" in the backend. Into this page, add a multishop instance with a "core shop" setup as a "master shop".
Into this page you add all your categories and subcategories.

Then, you create your other shop pages in the typo3 backend, each pages setup as a coreshop, not mastershop, but "link" to the mastershop page. (in the tab "module" : "Multishop Core Page (use this only when you want to link this shop to other shop)"icon_wink.gif

So you can make a tree like each page is a categorie or subcategorie.

After you can setup each pages to display the products of a specific category.
Exemple : plugin.multishop.categoriesStartingPoint = 6 (to display category_id 6).

If you do that, the products will be display but not the subcategories because categories are into the mastershop page. I think it's the normal behavior but i'm not sure. (I'm discovering multishop too).

So you have to use your main navigation "hmenu" make with typoscript with the backend pages.

I wonder if there is a better method, because like that, i have a problem for incremental import for products. I need this to change the stock values.
It's look like it's not possible to make a import (incremental or not) for many categories at once. I tried with a "temp_category" but without success...

EDIT : I solved my incremental update problem with "fatdatabase deactivation".
I understood (i think ^^) the flat database is used for the relation betwen products and categories in the "public shop" display. Otherwise the "products" and "products_to_categories" tables are use.
So it seem that when "flatdatabase" is activate, the incremental update, update the flatdtabase only... so there is a diference betwen the "public shop view" and the "admin panel view".
Maybe there is something to solve this, but i don't need flatdatabase ; i don't have more than 250 000 products...

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Written on: 27. 08. 2013 [19:41]
Peter Guan Ming
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 10.05.2012
Posts: 30
Hi, Junfan

Thanks for your reply. However, I am not really understanding your approaches. I am very new in Typo3 & Multishop & PHP

I solved this problem by commenting out something in products_listing.php

The file location is under /scripts/frontpages/

Around the line 137-138, I commented out:


Now, every category is able to display both subcategories and products.

Hope this is helpful to anyone need this feature


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Written on: 30. 08. 2013 [02:23]