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Unable to add new products or categories

Author Message
Philipp Woschitz
Multishop newbie
registered since: 22.08.2016
Posts: 2
Before we start a little rundown of the extensions in use for the new installation:
-typo3 7.6.16
-t3jQuery 3.0.4
-bootstrap package 7.0.2
-multishop 4.0.4
-slick carousel 1.2.0

Hey there, we're currently in the process of migrating data from a different multishop-installation
The old products showed up compeltely fine. The problem right now is, that one can't add new products or categories.
After filling out all the details, I'm just redirected to a blank page inside the front-end ui whilst my mousecursor is loading. Searching for the new product afterwards will not return any result (same process for categories)

Another noteworthy issue is the little gear-icon in the frontend-ui not working as before. It takes me straight to the Setting page with "Admin settings", "Categories Listing" and so on instead of giving me the little menu to choose from (CMS pages, compare DB'S etc.)

My t3 jQuery is set to the following: Versions in use: jQuery 2.0.3 / UI 1.10.4 / Tools 1.2.7 / Bootstrap 2.0.4
There is also an error displayed: ERROR: Extensions path: "/home/www/p404437/html/typo3/typo3/ext/" not found!

Maybe the problem has to do with that?

Written on: 30. 05. 2017 [07:40]