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Virtual Product link not visible

Author Message
Multishop experienced
Topic creator
registered since: 20.04.2012
Posts: 13
If I enter the ###ORDER_DETAILS### in the "email_order_payed_letter" I only get the details in the email but not the link to the product.

Do I have to set another Marker than ###ORDER_DETAILS### or create a new one?
Written on: 04. 06. 2012 [14:57]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
We already fixed it in our development repository, but is not yet ready for publishing.

You can fix it manually by:

Opening the file class.mslib_fe.php

Find the method: function printOrderDetailsTable($order,$type='site')

After the loop:
if (count($product['attributes']))
  // code

if ($order['payed'] and $product['file_download_code'])
    // virtual product
    if (!$product['file_label']) $product['file_label']=$product['products_name'];
    $content.='<a href="'.$this->FULL_HTTP_URL.''.mslib_fe::typolink(",2002",'&tx_multishop_pi1[page_section]=get_micro_download&code='.$product['file_download_code'].'&orders_id='.$order['orders_id']).'">Download micro download: '.htmlspecialchars($product['file_label']).'</a>';

So your code looks like:

if (count($product['attributes']))
    foreach ($product['attributes'] as $tmpkey => $options)
        else $attribute_price=$options['options_values_price'];
        $content.='<BR>'.$options['products_options'].': '.$options['products_options_values'];
        if ($price < 0) $price=0;
        if ($options['options_values_price'] >0) $subprices.=mslib_fe::Money2Cents(($product['qty']*($options['price_prefix'].$attribute_price)));
if ($order['payed'] and $product['file_download_code'])
    // virtual product
    if (!$product['file_label']) $product['file_label']=$product['products_name'];
    $content.='<a href="'.$this->FULL_HTTP_URL.mslib_fe::typolink(",2002",'&tx_multishop_pi1[page_section]=get_micro_download&code='.$product['file_download_code'].'&orders_id='.$order['orders_id']).'">Download micro download: '.htmlspecialchars($product['file_label']).'</a>';
Written on: 11. 06. 2012 [17:42]
Kim Holberg
Multishop experienced
registered since: 19.05.2012
Posts: 7
Hi Bas,

I tried to modify as per your instructions, but i still do not receive any download-link in the email.

Could you please specify the procedure in the shop control panel and confirm the markers i have to use...


Kim Holberg Andersen

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 04.08.2012 at 19:16.]
Written on: 04. 08. 2012 [19:14]