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Wrong VAT - foreign Countries

Author Message
Christian Duckart
Multishop professional
Topic creator
registered since: 09.07.2014
Posts: 28

i set up a shop only for companies. The VAT is not shown by the products. Only at the end of the order, the VAT is shown. If your order in the home country, everything is calculated correct, but if you order from a foreign country the VAT should be 0 %. The VAT of the product gets calculated correct but the VAT for product-attributes is wrong.

For example:

Shop-Country: "Germany" (19 % VAT)
Prduct "Hat": 100,00 €
Attribute "with feather": + 100,00 €

Customer in Germany pays: 238,00 € incl. VAT --> correct
Customer from Netherlands: 219,00 € incl. VAT --> wrong. correct should be 200,00 €

A bug? Wrong setting?

I am also available by email for pm.

Written on: 07. 04. 2015 [10:54]
Bas van Beek
Multishop guru
registered since: 12.05.2010
Posts: 644
Did you configured the zones correctly? You have to create 2 zones:

Zone 1:

Zone 2:

Now edit your TAX class and map the percentage to Germany, but skip it for Netherlands.

I have attached a screenshot how we disable VAT for customers from Belgium.

Screenshot - 25-4-2015 , 14_15_03.png (File type: image/png, Size: 11.02 kilobytes) — 181 downloads
Written on: 25. 04. 2015 [12:15]