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Virtually unlimited

  • Stores within the same page tree
  • Categories, manufacturers, products, products attributes, products relatives and product specials
  • Payment methods / shipping methods
  • Shipping zones

Open Source Web Shop

TYPO3 Multishop is an open source web shop solution. This means you can use it for free. When you choose to use a web shop that is open source you have the benefit of complete freedom, because you can host your web shop at any place, at all time and are not (completely) depending on your local web development partner.

Purely front-end editing

Every adjustment happens in the front of the web site. By having a fancy admin panel (that can be fully customized) it's very easy to maintain the catalog, the orders and anything else that is required. Categories and products can be sorted by Drag & Drop.

Shop with CMS

Because Multishop is build upon the TYPO3 CMS framework you get the benefits of a real CMS. This gives you the ability to create shops that are flexible and grow with your company. The merchant is able to virtually maintain every spot of the shop, which limits development costs. If you are looking for a shop including CMS than TYPO3 Multishop is the way to go.

Implementation of your favorite payment service provider in a few minutes

You can add your favorite payment service providers with a few mouse clicks. Only the required variables are asked, like your PayPal e-mail address or the SHA sign of your Ogone account.

Click here to see which payment service providers are possible straight out of the box.

Flexible products importer

By uploading a custom Excel, CSV or XML file you can map the individual cells/cols to the corresponding Multishop fields. After you are done with the mapping, the action can be saved as a task. This task can be re-runned (for incremental updates) through the web or through Crontab or any other schedular.

Provide digital downloads (virtual products)

Ever wanted to sell digital products like an e-Book? It's possible by just installing this plugin.

PDF invoice module

Sent good looking invoices in PDF format just out of the box.

Dynamic product feed generator

Publish your products to Google Shopping, Kelkoo, Kieskeurig, or any other web-service without any custom development.

Easily customize the store

  • Categories listing, products listing, products detail and check-out pages can be fully customized;
  • Products search supports auto completetion;
  • Payment methods can be easily mapped against shipping methods;
  • Flexible shipping method costs based on zones and could be defined by: flat shipping costs or weight based costs.

Advanced configuration system

Efficient configuration system that shares settings to (sub) stores. By skipping the configuration settings for the second shop the settings of shop 1 will be inherented automatically. (due to global / local settings).

Besides of this functionality the web shop settings can always be overwritten by:

  • The custom settings that are defined inside the content element (advanced tab);
  • The custom settings of the categories, sub categories or the product;
  • Best for last (last but not least): by TypoScript.

Developer information

  • Application caching mode for further limiting database queries;
  • Flat Database support for efficiently running large catalogs.

Add your own scripts without needing to adjust the plugin folder

By adding a content element that is configured as “miscellaneous / custom script” you are able to add your own scripts and save them outside the plugin folder. (i.e. fileadmin/myscripts/custom). Or you could use the internal hooks that Multishop provides. This is the recommended way and makes it possible to keep the Multishop plugin up-to-date, without having a chance to lose the custom work.

Other features

  • Watermarking product images
  • Discount prices by coupon code
  • Discount prices by staffel
  • Extendable payment and shipping method system
  • Efficient back-end backup/restore
  • Mass products price updater
  • Affiliate mode for supporting affiliate catalog feeds