Why choose Ingenico?

Starter or experienced, local or multinational, online or multi-channel, ready-to-use or customised, we offer seamless and secure payment solutions that match your business for every card-not-present environment. 

Your customers choose how they want to pay

With over 40 international and local online payment methods Ogone allows your customers to choose how they want to pay, whatever the situation: payment by card processing, through a call center, in batches, via shopping carts or specific industry solutions. 

Your customers are safe, you get the best payment guarantee

Our payment solutions enable you to manage, control and in most cases eliminate the exposure to fraud in the card-not-present environment: with payer authentication, blocking rules & filters and fraud risk scoring, all on our platform. 

Our SSL-platform is PCI-DSS compliant: we meet the industries highest security standards. 

Our security and fraud prevention tools are customizable so you can develop your a security policy that matches the unique character of your business. 

You save time and money by managing your payments 

The Ogone Merchant Back-Office for all our payment solutions gives you total control over all your transactions and helps you save time. 

You check, authorise and confirm transactions in real-time and download reports afterwards. You accept or refuse authorised payments, completely or partially and receive automatic order confirmation by e-mail after payment. 

You can even create different profiles for your Ogone Back-Office with different user rights. Process payments efficiently with automated reconciliation and download online reports any time. 

You can rely on real service 

Get help in choosing the right solution for your business. From determining the right payment methods, selecting acquiring banks to developing tailor-made applications for enterprises in specific sectors, we guide you all the way. 

Get free support 24/7 in 4 languages: online, by phone and e-mail for trial and production accounts. This includes free access to advanced technical database and FAQ’s, dedicated support for all your questions. 

Our experience works for you 

We are a stable and reliable company that provides futureproof solutions. We are one of the leading European Payment Service Providers with thousands of clients across 35 countries. We are totally dedicated to payment services with a profitable business growing at more than 40 % a year.

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