TYPO3 Multishop is the most feature rich web shop solution for TYPO3. The maintenance of the catalog happens completely in the front of the web site. This makes it very easy for the merchant to update the catalog and gives a real time view of what is being changed and how the customer would look at it.

The merchant can easily drag & drop categories, products and even navigation menu items. Because of this and many other features deep knowledge about web development and TYPO3 isn't necessary.

Multishop works with a settings database that contains definitions about which modules should be activated and how they should work. These settings can be defined globally and the developer can even change them by TypoScript, categories and even by products. This makes it very easy to adjust settings on specific spots, without doing any real web development. This gives the web developer full control and maximum flexibility.

Importing lots of products from Excel is possible with just a few mouse clicks, since TYPO3 Multishop provides a swish knife for importing many types of product feeds. Supported formats are: XML, CSV and Excel ('97 format). When importing products that contain images they get downloaded and resized to thumbnails.

Because the implementation of a payment service provider can be a challenge and is time consuming TYPO3 Multishop provides most important payment service providers straight out of the box. For a up to date list of supported payment service providers check the following web page:

Last but not least... TYPO3 Multishop supports multiple catalogs within the same page tree. This gives the possibility to maintain several web shops in one single TYPO3 installation.

For real world examples check the following web page: